Saturday, September 29, 2007

Death...are you ready?

Death....not a word most of us like to say, let along talk about. The truth is, we all die....there's just no way around it. For some, it's a blessing but for others it's a tragedy. My friend's 34 year old daughter died last week. It was unexpected, so it was a tragedy, although some might say it was a blessing after so many years of not being in the best of health. She wasn't ready to go...she was looking forward to many years of helping others less fortunate than herself and being there as her parents grew old, so she could help them out. Now her parents are left without a child (she was their only one). They won't have grandchildren. Their branch of the family ends with them. So sad. Death can be so cruel. Why take a 34 year old that had something to offer this world instead of some drunk or druggie that doesn't seem to be any benifit to this life? Who can understand? I guess it's GOD's will, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense. Tammie was coming out of the clinic, after a check up. She was with her mom and they were talking about what they were going to be doing in the future. Tammie was so happy to finally be going back to full time work and starting a new job on top of that. She was as happy as she had ever been. Her mother said one minute she was talking and the next she just fell over the front of the car and slid to the ground. She was dead in that instant. The doctors and nurses did all the usual things...CPR, airway and defib. but she was gone, just like that. No time to say goodbye. They speculate it was a blood clot possibly caused by her recent surgery, but that will go to her grave and they will never have the answers; kind of like when my mother died. Just sudden and no answer as to why she died. In my case, it leaves me with a feeling that there will never be any closure to her life, because we don't know what caused her death. It's kind of like an unfinished book, the story never ends.
Now, on the other hand, my uncle Roland died a couple days after Tammie. He was 80 years old and suffered from Parkinson's disease. He was ready to go and I'm sure his family looked at his passing as a blessing although I know they miss him and are sad that he's no longer with them. It's like my poor dad, sitting in a nursing home, dad after day, not enjoying life....just living. Maybe he understands more than we think but he can't communicate, so we don't know. He's just wasting away...just a shell of the man he once's sad and it's hard for us to deal with. Some day we will be glad that he has been released from this life and it with his "Princess" once again, but we will be sad because he's gone.
hummm....Dealing with death in Kansas. Colleen