Thursday, June 28, 2007

News from Chris w/ picture

Chris has a new entry on his blog today....with a picture. I was so excited I about peed my pants. I called his dad right away to tell him. He didn't know yet because he didn't have time to check the blog before he went to work. He was so happy to know that Chris was able to post something. WE ARE ALL SOOOOO HAPPY!!
I have never understood just what was going through Chris's mind when he enlisted in the army, but then Chris has always marched to a different drummer. He has always been the one for adventure or more easily put, jumping in without looking. I wonder if he ever thought about where he might end up, with a war just starting in Iraq? That's something I'll have to talk to him about when he comes home, safe and sound. My mom used to say he lived his life growing up, "going hell bent for election" (not really sure what that phrase meant but she used to say it all the time. Just like my dad used to say "hell's bells" (that's even an odder thing to say!) Anyway, I'm going to have a good day, no matter what else happens.
Happy and sappy in Kansas.. Colleen

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News from Chris

Hey, it's a great day in Kansas. Never mind the heat and the humidity! Chris called his mom last night! Talk about a HUGE sigh of relief. I really worry when no one hears from him for several days. I realize it's sometimes hard for him to get near a computer or phone over there is B-land, so we just sit and wait, just like thousands of other family members all across the USA. I don't know what he's been doing and it's probably best that we don't know becuase we would worry just that much more. We just pray for him and keep thoughts of him close to our hearts. Can't wait for him to get home, safe and sound.
Everyone needs to pray for all our men and women in Iraq, whether you approve of the war or not. They aren't the ones that started it all...they are just doing their duty. Support them and keep your negative comments to yourselves. I'm behind them all...100%.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi to anyone checking in here. I'm finding it very hard to keep up with this, 2 email accounts and now, a MySpace. I'm not sure how to run that last one at all. Guess I'll have to get instructions from my older son. To update you on my life, nephew Chris is once again in the land of Baghdad. I hate that he's over there, but it was his choice and I have to support his decision. He has always been a "go-getter" and one who takes life by the horns. Nothing scares him...he's always been the adventerous type. I think about him everyday; the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I continue to send loving thoughts and prayers his way, several times a day.
Since my last entry, I have been blessed with a new grandson, Sawyer Brady. He actually turned 1 in February. He is so different from his older brother Grant (who,by the way will be 6 in July!) Sawyer is more outgoing, while Grant was more reserved. Sawyer is like the Tazmanian Daredevil.....whirling around like an out of control top! He has boundless energy and always has a smile. My biggest wish is that we could see more of him and his brother. They are both growing up and don't hardly know us.
My daughter Ashley is getting married next April. That is going to be a huge thing for me. Having both boys get married was nothing compaired to a daughter getting married. I'm thinking the banker is going to be seeing a lot of us.
I stated in my first post that I have many pets, including a very old horse. Well, this past February, we had to put my old Sandy down. I'm not really sure how old she was...over 30...
but she had a good long life. I miss her...there will never be another like her. But, I figure she's in a better place now....with her baby girl, Bourbon, who died a few years before her.
It's hot in Kansas....It's boring in Kansas....but Kansas is where I'd rather be! See ya'