Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chris is coming home

My nephew, Chris is coming home from Iraq! Wish it was for good, but he does have to go back for a couple of months. He will be here for my daughters wedding and hopefully, will be out of the army by the time my son gets married in September! Chris is like a son to me. When he and his sister came to live with my parents, he became a big part of our lives. Everywhere we went, Chris and Jackie usually went too. It was kind of like having 5 kids instead of 3. As they have grown up, they have both kind of grown away from us (as most kids do) but I know that they know their roots are here, in Kansas. They will always come back here, to the people who love them. Anyway; can't wait to see his goofy grin and give him a great big hug. I won't want to let him go!
Happy spring!