Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Death of a great man.

It seems that the stars are aligned against me lately. Bad luck and disappointment follow me everywhere I go. On November 6th, my dad passed away at the ripe old age of 81. He lived longer than any of his male ancestors lived. He used to always say he wouldn't live pass 60 because everyone else had died young. Guess he showed them! His last few years were not good. Living in a nursing home, not able to communicate or take care of yourself is not living. He wasted away and was not the man my brothers and I loved and admired. That man left us a long time ago. We all miss him greatly, but are glad he is finally at peace and once again beside his Princess where he belongs. I'm so glad that I was able to tell him how much I loved him and be by his side until his last breath. I missed that with mom. She slipped away from us, in the middle of the night. No time to tell her goodby or tell her how much we loved her. I feel cheated by that. Anway, now I feel like an orphan. I don't have a mom or a dad. Your life just isn't the same when they are gone. You are now on your own and no one will ever love you as much as they did. It's a sad and lonely place to be. Life goes on, but some days, I just don't want to be in it! Colleen

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