Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The dark times are over and I can get on with another year......fun, fun.
The daughter is getting married in just a little over 3 months...April 12th. so we are going full speed ahead with getting stuff finalized on that. And, we are going to have another wedding, maybe in September of this year. Middle child and his girlfriend got engaged at Christmas. I was really surprised...I didn't know if he would be willing to get back into the marriage pool again after his first fiasco of a marriage. But, this young lady is so different from the cow he was married to first. Different as night and day. I actually think the first wife did a favor, by leaving him. I can't wait for another wedding, but our checkbook is saying different! Ouch!!! Guess we'll get through it just like other people.
Anyway, hope the new year is a good year for everyone and I hope we are all around for the next one.
2008 in Kansas. Colleen

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